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Eric M. Libow, CPA

Eric Libow is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida and with over 14 years of Tax and Accounting experience, he gives the top-notch service that everyone needs, but at a reasonable cost.  Eric specializes in individual tax preparation as well as providing bookkeeping and consulting services to small businesses with the ability to file State returns no matter where you live.

Throughout Eric's career he has established himself as a highly advanced Excel user that can help optimize any personal or business budget, analyze complex data, create charts and graphs as well as building tables to fit your individual needs.  Eric also offers Excel training for small business owners that can help them achieve a variety of goals and help automate many mundane tasks and get more valuable data in the hands of who needs it the most.


The goal of the firm is to let you get back to what you do best whether it is running your small business operations, spending time with your family, traveling for work and meeting deadlines or just enjoying life without the stress of technical tax and accounting discussions.  

Contact Eric to discuss any questions you might have!

Delray Beach, South FL cpa accountant
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